[Comparaison en anglais] XIM 3 ou XIM Edge ?

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A detailed comparison. Not going into price because duh.

Both devices have support for ALL of the XIM3’s Smart Translators, and both will play equally well on Xbox 360. Both will eventually support the same hardware, though right out of the gate I’ve heard there will be some compatibility gaps.
Both devices will require a controller to work, and will have the same amount of ports to plug things into.

On to individual advantages.

— The XIM3’s major advantage is that of the LCD screen. It allows you to visually see hard data on what you are changing in your settings. However, because of the way it is set up, you need to have it in a nice visible space, meaning it can’t be tucked away behind your desk, and you have to be within the viewing angle. Configuring the XIM3 or changing profiles without these requirements can be considered impractical at best.

The XIM3 has Standard Translator support. This is only for hardcore p33p5 like Toys and his bros. Most people use and love Smart Translators, so the only time you’ll use this is for games without Smart Translators. If you play CoD and other mainstream games, you won’t miss this. If you play some absurd games, many of them will work almost as well with another game’s Smart Translator, and for those that don’t, then you’ll fall back on this.

– The XIM Edge works on both 360 and PS3. This is the “primary” advantage of the device. This means you don’t have to buy a GT Max adapter, and PS3 games will have Smart Translators. Meaning KZ3, Uncharted, ETC, will work best with this device. And even beyond the Smarties, the XIM Edge will not suffer from any added lag from the GT Max.

-The XIM Edge DOESN’T have a screen. Yes, this is a positive. With the Xim Edge, everything is done just on the controller and keyboard, and the feedback is visual from the lighting of the device. With this, as long as you can see a glow, you know what you are doing, meaning that the Edge can be considerably more tucked away than the XIM3. Also, viewing angles are no longer a problem, and changing to another config is as easy as hitting one of the F# keys. No more start-select, navigate, look down, none of that. F1. Bam, CoD. F4, congrats, BF3. F5, now you’re in BF3 tank config. Easy.

-XIM Edge has more room for Smart Translators. 32 vs 10, which really means 16 vs 5 if all games have a seperate ADS. Pretty big.

-XIM Edge will use a PS3 controller for PS3 mode. Seriously, now you can take that Xbox controller with the 10 foot cable, and replace it with a nice, neat, standard-everyone-has-one PS3 controller with a cable the exact size you need. I love this.

So what it comes down to, for the casual or average user, is just how important is an LCD screen? Is it worth another $70, and making some things actually more difficult? Given that you can hook it up to a computer to set your configs when you’re getting really deep in it, a screen just seems overkill. Plus, the XIM series is already famous for being a cable mess. If you want to go to a friends house and he has a PS3, now you have to factor in a GT Max on top of another huge lump of cabling. Personally, I think the average user would be better off getting the XIM Edge, and the hardcore standards-are-better-than-smarts should get the XIM3. Yes, the XIM3 is the more fully-featured version for the 360, but the features it offers really aren’t that great when you stop and think about it.

Awesome Graph for quick comparison:

Addon: “Eyes-off” configuration: XIM Edge – Yes, XIM3 – No

Source : XIM3.com