Quel adaptateur clavier/souris/nunchuk PS4/PS3/Xbox One/Xbox 360 choisir ?

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Liste périphériques NOPAD
CronusMax Plus
Cronus Device
Eagle Eye Converter
FragFX Piranha/Shark/Barracuda
Max Shooter
XIM 3/Edge/4/APEX
Brook Sniper
Hama Speedshot Ultimate
Hori PS4 TAC PRO/TAC Four/Tactical Assault Commander Grip


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Gameplay :

Où l’acheter ?

Rendez-vous sur Gimx.fr et contacter Matlo.

À quoi ça sert ?

GIMX stands for Game Input MultipleXer or Game Input MatriX. The purpose of this software is to control a video game console with a PC. It works with the PS3 and there is experimental support for the Xbox 360.
It operates:
¤ over bluetooth: works with Linux (PS3) only. A compatible bluetooth dongle is required. Tutorial.
¤ over usb: works with Linux (PS3, 360) and Windows (PS3). A usb-usb adapter is required. Tutorial.
The application gets data from the PC peripherals (mice, keyboards and joysticks) and sends controls to the PS3 over bluetooth or usb. Other controls such as gesture or voice are possible through the emulation of PC peripherals.

Principales caractéristiques :

  • up to 7 controllers (linux+bluetooth only) – requires 1 bt dongle for each controller
  • up to 8 profiles per controller
  • on-the-fly profile switch with switch back mode
  • supported devices: mice, keyboards, joysticks (gamepads, wheels, …)
  • multiple joysticks, mice and keyboards
  • configuration GUIs with automatic event & device detection
  • button-to-button, axis-to-axis, button-to-axis, and axis-to-button mappings
  • customizable mouse mapping (dead zone, sensitivity, acceleration, smoothing)
  • graphical display of the controller state
  • mouse calibration mode
  • keyboard macros
  • update downloader
  • config downloader

100 updates/s (bt controller, real sixaxis report rate)
up to 250 updates/s (usb controller, custom report rate)
measured MAX latency between event reception and emission: bt controller = lower than 12ms
measured AVERAGE latency between event reception and emission: bt controller = about 6ms

Plate-forme de jeu compatible :

Mise à jour firmware :

Vous trouverez les mises à jour firmwares ici.

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