Le nouveau XIM APEX est disponible au prix de 140€ !


Happy New Year everyone! I always like looking back on my blog posts to see where we started and how far we have come. The level of understanding and experience we’ve gathered over the years to create the ultimate console input device is astounding. That knowledge manifested itself in our most ambitious product ever: XIM4. A device to enable you, the gamer, to enjoy gaming the way that suits you best with the people you want to game with the most. XIM4 grew to a level that we hadn’t anticipated and further solidified XIM’s place as the standard for mouse gameplay on consoles. The question was, could we improve on what we had achieved with XIM4? Of course we could, and we did!

XIM APEX in the pinnacle of console input adapters. It is the result of a decade of research, engineering, innovation and customer feedback. XIM APEX will continue XIM4’s legacy of best-in-class precision mouse input on consoles. It’s through our close collaboration with our large community of XIM gamers that XIM APEX’s new features came to be: 1ms (1000Hz) response ratefull wireless cross console controller supportwired headset support for PS4full analog joystick supportmulti-language supportmore flexibility with hardware setup and cable management, and finally price.

To support all of XIM APEX’s new advanced features required a significant boost of computation power. At the same time to reduce cost and increase production volume, every aspect of XIM APEX’s hardware design and manufacturing process was optimized. Throughout XIM4’s lifetime, we saw its demand grow well beyond our expectations. XIM4’s popularity shattered every forecast we made resulting in too many “out-of-stock” notifications for our customers. XIM APEX was designed from the ground up to avoid this situation.

XIM APEX is the first XIM to come in dongle form (pictured below). Every XIM APEX sold will include a XIM HUB (also pictured below). Depending on your setup and cable management requirements, you can choose a variety of configurations that suit your needs. You can also use your own hub if you prefer.

L’application française de XIM APEX Manager est traduite par No-Pad.fr 🙂

Voici un tableau de comparaison des caractéristiques du XIM APEX et XIM 4 :


Choix du taux de réponse (latence) 1, 2, 4, ou 8 ms – 1000 Hz, 500 Hz, 250 Hz ou 125 Hz 8 ms – 125 Hz
Consoles supportées X1, PS4, X360, PS3 X1, PS4, X360, PS3
Plates-formes supportées Manager Android, IOS, PC (câblé uniquement) Android, IOS, PC
Protocole Bluetooth Manager Bluetooth LE Bluetooth Classique
Support manette multiplate-forme Sans-fil, Câblé Câblé
Audio USB filaire X1, PS4 (SLIM/PRO – Dual Shock 4 V2 (CUH-ZCT2) uniquement), X360 X1, X360
Support Joystick Support complet, réglage des axes personnalisés Support limité, réglage des axes fixes
Stockage de configurations (emplacements mémoire) 24 24
Éditeur Manager configuration Modes Novice et Expert Expert uniquement
Résolution de la courbe balistique 51 par 10000 21 par 200
Langues du Manager EN, DE, ES, FR (traduction fournie par No-Pad.fr), JA, KO, ZH Anglais uniquement
Facteur de forme Dongle + HUB externe Tout en un
Prix €140 $125

XIM APEX is something I’m incredibly proud of and can’t wait to share. XIM4 is no longer in production as we are fully focused on XIM APEX’s release which scheduled for Q1 2018. Both XIM APEX and XIM4 will receive updated games support at the same time going forward.

As always, I want to thank the XIM community for their constant support and feedback. This project is nothing without you and for that I’m incredibly grateful!




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