Aimon XB Elite V arrive !

Posted on Juil 15 2012 - 11:43 by Xx GaMiinG xX

Nous tenons à remercier SkORM un membre de, de nous avoir informer de l’arrivé du Aimon XB Elite V :

The Aimon XB Elite has upgraded to the new Aimon XB EliteV today. This new upgrade support online chat through the wired Xbox360 controller that user can communicate to other players while playing the games with the Aimon XB EliteV.
The XB EliteV also support almost all the 3rd party 360 compatible controllers on the market.
As this new Aimon XB EliteV CPU has high performance, it allow us intergrading more future functions into, any featured ideas are welcome for our future updates.
We are sorry about that the old Aimon XB Elite is not upgradable to EliteV, due to it lacks of capability.
Contact the local distributor for purchasing information please.

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Les pré-commandes c’est par ici ( ou là ( !

En attente de et de désormais.

Pour rappel cette version V du Aimon XB Elite gère désormais les micros/casques de gamer d’après !

Merci à vous de votre patience 🙂